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We help our partners unlock the full potential of Salesforce to accelerate growth, optimise processes, and reinvent their businesses.

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Partners not Clients

We partner with our clients to understand their needs, understand where they are in their journey and work closely with them to deliver the best solutions, at the highest Salesforce standards. To ensure we help our clients reach their full potential, we focus on our strengths.
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Salesforce Consulting

Fortech Syngenuity reimagines your business with Salesforce at the core and offers strategic and technical advice to help you achieve your goals and create new digital experiences for your customers.

Health Check

We can make a swift analysis of your current implementation. We assess functionality and identify areas for improvement, while also suggesting additional modules for enhanced results.

Salesforce Implementation

With a client-centric mindset, we help businesses implement Salesforce solutions using common tools with standard APIs or redefine the usual to achieve a custom implementation.

Salesforce Integration

We help businesses integrate Salesforce with legacy systems, other software programs and third-party applications to improve productivity and enable smooth processes throughout the organization.

App Development

We are proficient in building scalable and secure Salesforce apps that enhance your operational efficiency. Our certified team of developers can assist you in developing a cohesive user experience across multiple devices.

Salesforce Automation

Our engineers help companies develop and implement workflows that automate manual processes or extend powerful Salesforce automation.

Training & Education

Our certified developers will train your team to become proficient in Salesforce.


We provide support even for clients who already use Salesforce, but also maintenance services to ensure continuous improvement for sustained success.

Why is Salesforce the #1 CRM?


With Salesforce Customization, you can easily add modules, fields, create sales processes or customer flows regardless of the industry or company size.


Through AppExchange, companies can customize and build faster apps or get instant access to a library of secure and verified applications and integrations already built.


Salesforce is a cloud product, which means you can log in, analyze customer data, and easily collaborate with your team at any time and from anywhere.

Standard API links

With Salesforce being the world's number one CRM platform, more and more suppliers offer standard API links on Salesforce.

Customer Information

With Sales Cloud, you can have a 360-degree view of all your customers. Follow their activity to understand their expectations and requirements better.

Omnichannel Feature

To respond to numerous customers at a time and on time is challenging. Salesforce Service Cloud provides a feature that helps your brand have a unified approach.

Our cross-industry expertise

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Fortech Syngenuity