Salesforce Implementation

Bridging Blue-Collar Candidates and Job Openings: Salesforce-Powered Success

Niche labour market facilitator
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Business consulting and Salesforce modules implementation

This case study delves into our collaboration with a niche labour market facilitator, specialising in connecting companies with job openings to potential blue-collar candidates. Over the past two years, we undertook the task of refactoring their codebase to accommodate the surging volume of platform data, ensuring seamless operations.

Client Background:

Our client operates in a specialised sector of the labour market, acting as a vital link between companies seeking to fill job openings and potential candidates in the blue-collar sector.




Problem Statement:

The client’s platform, pivotal in managing customer and job candidate data, experienced a surge in usage. As a result, the codebase needed a major overhaul to handle the escalating data volumes efficiently. Salesforce, integrated with Heroku and other platforms, served as the core CRM and data management platform. Given its mission-critical role, any system changes necessitated meticulous documentation and design.


Solution Provided:


Leveraging Salesforce’s native declarative tools and APEX programming, we embarked on a comprehensive codebase refactoring initiative. The goal was to align the codebase with Salesforce’s best practices, ensuring scalability to accommodate the expanding data volumes.




Implementation Process:

The implementation involved the following steps:


  • Thorough analysis of the existing codebase to identify areas for improvement
  • Systematic application of Salesforce best practices and APEX programming techniques to refactor the codebase
  • Rigorous testing to validate the enhanced solution’s performance under varying data loads
  • Continuous documentation of all changes made to the system


Results and Benefits:

  • Successfully refactored the codebase, aligning it with Salesforce best practices, enhancing scalability, and ensuring seamless operations
  • Positioned the platform to handle the escalating data volumes, securing its role as a mission-critical system
  • Provided a robust foundation for continued growth and efficiency in connecting companies with blue-collar candidates