Salesforce Implementation

Elevating POS Systems for the Hospitality Industry

Leading provider of POS systems
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Business consulting and Salesforce modules implementation

In this case study, we showcase how our tailored Salesforce integration revolutionised the Point of Sale (POS) systems for a prominent player in the SMB-focused hospitality industry. By strategically leveraging Salesforce’s capabilities, we addressed critical challenges and significantly enhanced the client’s operations.

Client Background:

Our client is a leading provider of POS systems, specialising in serving small and medium-sized businesses within the vibrant hospitality sector. Their proprietary software empowers businesses to efficiently manage customer orders, invoices, and industry-specific parameters.




Problem Statement:

The client faced the challenge of optimising their customer relationship management (CRM) processes, using Salesforce’s Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Customer Experience Cloud. They sought to:


  • Streamline sales processes, including new sales, upselling, and cross-selling
  • Provide comprehensive analytics and insights to internal stakeholders
  • Efficiently handle customer service requests
  • Enable customers to manage account settings through a Salesforce Digital Experience Site


Solution Provided:

Our approach involved two critical initiatives:


  • Enhancing the Customer Portal: We added features crucial for customer requests, such as invoice generation, GDPR settings, and mailing/billing preferences
  • Code Refactoring: We systematically refactored the existing codebase, aligning it with Salesforce best practices for improved reusability and scalability


Implementation Process:

The implementation process involved:


  • In-depth codebase analysis and segmentation into manageable work items
  • Iterative code refactoring to ensure adherence to Salesforce best practices
  • Collaboration with the client to define and prioritise critical features for the enhanced Customer Portal
  • Adoption of an Agile methodology to expedite feature delivery
  • Creation of comprehensive test cases to ensure seamless functionality


Results and Benefits:


  • Empowered customers with seamless control over their accounts, including invoice management, GDPR settings, and mailing/billing preferences
  • Achieved an optimised codebase adhering to Salesforce best practices, ensuring enhanced efficiency, reusability, and scalability
  • Expedited delivery of critical features, meeting immediate client requirements